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If you are an explorer, you came to the right place, because most of what we offer remains unexplored by foreign guests. OhMyRussia! is an outdoor adventure trip provider operating since 2021. Trust us, for those wanting to explore the most unique and remote wild destinations there is no worthy rival to the vastness of Russia. Being adventure travelers ourselves, we also understand the importance of tailor making a tour as an adventure, not as a trail from A to B. While making sure you remain comfortable, we will make sure you do not feel like you are being dragged from place to place, but part of a true voyage of discovery.

We offer a collection over 50 exceptional travel experiences, and our selection of guided tours and destinations only keeps growing. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer adventures that enable our guests to enjoy the most genuine experiences and authentic cultural insights. Each journey is an adventure that will make even your most cultured sophisticated friends envy your experience ;)

Notice: our English website is still a work in progress. At the moment we have only the page you are on. For any queries, please contact us, and we will do our best to help you.

Why us

Safety is our priority

Travelling with us is safe and secure. OhMyRussia! is included in the state register of recognized tour operators. Our equipment is reliable, and all the locations are tested. The guides and instructors are professionals, well prepared and know how to react in case of any unlikely emergency.

We value our reputation and work only with the most reliable partners. We monitor information about weather conditions, wildfires, inundations, etc. in all the regions where we operate.

Tested adventures

All adventure routes that we offer you have been tested in advance. We make sure that your vehicles are comfortable, food is delicious, and accommodation is cozy. We have located the most comfortable accommodation possible in any given region no matter how remote. It is important for us to know that you get the most enjoyable experience wherever you choose to go. It is essential for us that you appreciate true Russian hospitality. And shed the harsh image that many come to imagine when they think of our country.

Besides being chosen for being friendly and fun to our guests, our guides and instructors are knowledgeable professionals in their areas, and they will help you in any situation while you conquer the most strenuous terrain imaginable.
Unique experience

We will take you to places that very few people know about, and even fewer have ever set foot on. We will show you the very best that Russia has to offer.

We offer a chance not only to discover the beauty of Russia’s the most amazing places, but also the chance to discover oneself. Whether you choose to fly on a helicopter over Russia’s deepest canyons and highest waterfalls on the Putorana Plateau, or to be soaked by a whale’s blow in the Shantar Islands, or gaze at the turquoise lakes of the Altai mountains.

We cater to your wishes and desires

Our customizable OhMyRussia! collection has more than 50 options for outdoor activities and tours for foreign guests. We operate for small groups of between 5-10 people, but if you wish, we will organize a private tour or a group visit for 30 people or more.

We will help you select a tour that is perfect for you based on your interests, physical condition, budget, and trip duration. We work in every region of Russia. You won’t need to start relations with local tour operators in each region from scratch or negotiate loads of contracts. We cover all territory from Murmansk to Dagestan, from Karelia to Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands.

We take care of any issues that may arise

Our staff and tour guides are English-speaking. Upon request, guides who speak French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages can be arranged. We organize your trip from start to finish - from the selection of a tour and booking, and to your safe return home. We arrange customized tours for our clients to satisfy their needs. Organize a private tour or make a combined tour for several destinations. And of course, we take into consideration our clients’ food preferences, whether you may be vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, or have any peculiar allergies. We do the paperwork. We prepare visa invitations, and obtain permits to visit restricted regions.

And for any LGBT+ travelers, if you are worried about the unfortunate reputation that our country has for stigma towards homosexuality, never fear. Just inform us of your concerns as you book with us and we will accommodate them in our planning to ensure that your adventure is as safe, unique, and friendly as anyone else’s.

Sustainable approach and social responsibility

Our company’s culture is about responsible travelling, giving back to the community, supporting local businesses, and protecting the environment. Whatever comes with us on our adventure leaves with us.

Out of respect for the uniqueness of our big country, we strive to make it a better, cleaner and a more welcoming place. For this reason, we have created and continuously evolve an ecosystem that strives to sustain local communities and environments for future generations.

Sustainable approach and social responsibility


  • develop and support creation of tourist clusters and infrastructure through various projects to help out the regional economies;
  • promote little-known territories in domestic and foreign markets to develop destinations we cater to;
  • promote sustainable tourism and create a new trend of ecological travelling.

Interested in learning more or have any questions?

Contact us at go@ohmyrussia.ru and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Discover, Explore, Feel!


How to get a visa to Russia? Must I visit the embassy?

Contact us. We will send you all the details.

Is it really safe to travel in Russia?

Yes, it is safe. If you need an extra advice for a specific region, feel free to ask.

Russia is too big! Which region should I visit first?

In our opinion the perfect places for the first visit are: Baikal, Altai, Kamchatka, Caucasus, Crimea, Karelia, Kola Peninsula. Other regions are also nice!

Can I get a refund if I decide not to come after booking?

Yes, of course. The refund amount depends on how many days are left before arrival date when you cancel your reservation:

Amount of days left before beginning a trip Refund
More than 45 days 100% (retention fee for administrative services: 100 euro)
45-21 days 70%
20-8 days 50%
Less than 7 days 0

Note: for cruise programs, booking and return conditions are different. Contact the manager of OhMyRussia! for details.

How can I get a discount?

If you make more than three trips with OhMyRussia! you get an individual discount of 3%. If more than five trips, you get 5% discount.

Who will be my guide?

An experienced guide will accompany you during this tour. The guide has a basic knowledge of the English language. For an additional fee you can book a service of a professional interpreter.

I am an LGBT+ traveler, should I not come?

No worries, we welcome any guest! Feel free to tell us about your concerns. Your adventure will be as safe, unique, and friendly as anyone else’s.

Do you work with foreign agencies?

Yes, we are looking to cooperate with travel agencies longing for offering their clients active recreation in Russia and searching for strategic partners.

Earn money with us, offering adventure travel tours across Russia. We set fixed price for a tour that you can load. We offer two types of collaboration:

  • Join in tour. We’ve got programs which are suitable for foreigners. You gather tourists that we include in the original group. We’ll help you obtain a visa. We’ll provide an English speaking tour guide
  • Tailor-made tour. If you are planning to travel individually or make groups (5 people and more), we are working on a special program where your requirements will be taken into consideration. For example, we can make a photo tour or we can include shopping in Moscow in our tour program.
Still questions?

Call us by phone +7 993 360-90-60 (WhatsApp or Telegram), оr send us a mail via online-consultant form or email.